Daily Mom Humor - 10 Funny eCards, Volume 1

10 Funny eCards for Moms

Volume No. 1

(Because eCards are funny.)

someecards.com - Shower Schizophrenia: The constant belief that you hear a child crying while you're trying to take a shower. someecards.com - Too many people are walking around unmedicated, unsupervised, and affecting my life. someecards.com - Daddy, this is where all mommy's friends live.someecards.com - Why do they want dinner every single night?someecards.com - someecards.com - woo hoo it's Friday!! oh wait...I'm a mom.someecards.com - That moment when you realize the kids are being quiet... Too quiet.someecards.com - Folding Laundry with a Toddler is like trying to straighten a desk full of papers while a fan blows on it.someecards.com - Just replace the word research with the word Pinterest and your day sounds more productive.someecards.com - If you love someone, let them sleep.
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