My Kidney Stone Nightmare - What Do Single Mothers Do?

Day 1:  

The Middle of the Night - "Back Pain" - 4:00 AM

Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night for some strange reason.  I sat up in bed and felt a stabbing pain in the lower part of the right side of my back.  I got up to use to bathroom, and I figured that I had slept on my back in a weird way and that my muscles were in a knot. 

(Dun, dun, dunnnnn.....)

12-Hours Later - "You have a kidney stone." - 4:00 PM

Then, 12-hours
later, I found myself in the office of my OB/GYN - crying, and squirming, and I was delirious because of the pain.  I begged the receptionist to let me see a nurse or a PA or someone - anyoneI'm pretty sure the receptionist thought I was a crazy homeless person because, according to my sister, I had mascara running down my face and I was pacing around like a crazy person (I was in pain!)...and according to my sister, all of this topped with the over-sized fleece hoodie jacket that I was wearing made me appear to be a total homeless crackhead to the unsuspecting receptionist at my doctor's office.  To my OB/GYN's reception:  I am sorry if I scared you.  But I was oblivious to how ridiculous I looked and sounded.  The pain was felt like a mixture between a typical back pain but this pain somehow felt like it extended into my surrounding organs; the pain also felt like a urinary tract infection, which was why I chose to run to my OB/GYN's office.  

The P.A. graciously took me back, gave me some pain medication for my bladder, and she told me that I needed to go to the Emergency Room - she thought that I had kidney stones.  

Yep.  I had a kidney stone.  

Day 2:

36-Hours Later - It Gets Worse - "You actually need surgery." - 4:00 PM

After 24-hours, the kidney stone wouldn't "pass," and I was back in the Emergency Room with a 103-degree fever.  They sent me to surgery to put a "stint" my urinary tract (to allow the kidney stone and the infection to drain or something), and I had to have the stint in for 4-days; and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THAT IS SO UNCOMFORTABLE AND PAINFUL.  

I am better now, but I have been absent from my blog for the past two-weeks for 3 reasons:
  • Kidney stones (and kidney stone infections) hurt like a &^%$ 
  • Pain medication makes me a useless blob

Moral of the Story:  

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Pray to God that you never have a kidney stone.

A Major Question I Have:

  • What the hell do single moms do when they have a health crisis and need to go to the Emergency Room?  Who watches their kids?  Who helps them?

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